Pinstriping Design Practice #6

week #6 for this exercise!!!!

On this design i focused on just using Straight lines. I usually like challenging myself in making designs with just using straights or cust C curves, or just S curves. Also will sometimes pick using 2 of the basic strokes to create a design, this makes me slow down while building a design up and really think about my line placements.

There is a youtube video that accompanies this design a full length this time since i remembered to make sure the camera was rolling!


The panel jam held at the World Of Wheels car show in Milwaukee Wisconsin has been the home for the Pinstripe Legends panel jam & charity Auction for 20 years.

Each February artists from around the country travel to the chilly north to not only raise money for the Children’s Hospital art therapy programs but they also honor an artist with the lifetime achievement award. This year, they inducted Todd Hanson, a great friend of mine and someone who not only has helped me tremendously in my art journey, but for decades has helped, taught, mentored, inspired many artists globally.

Todd blazed a new trail of pinstripe styling, with his in-your-face bold, eye shocking designs that in no way resembles the traditional forms of pinstriping from the past. This new style is easily seen now influencing artist old and new world wide.

Not only has he dedicated decades to the art of pinstriping and lettering, but he has also developed a great pinstriping brush one that I use exclusively the King 13 made by Mack Brush. With its slightly shorter hairs than the Mack series 20 &10, and the extra twist the makers of the brush use while setting up the hairs make it ideal for tight turns, making it a great versatile brush for long lines and designs.

Thank you Todd for everything you have contributed to this industry!!!!


Here are some photos from the event, i didnt take many because i was painting a lot.

Piece i brought to the show

i got to paint next to these talented ladies Kendra and Cassie from Colorado!
Art of Del Swanson
Pinup and car drawn by Michalia Jo Swanson, i added the pinstriping to it
a piece done by Dewayne Connot, Pinstripe Legend

Holiday ornaments 2021

pinstriped christmas ornaments- hotrod jen

Hey all,

I recently had my website overhauled to make it more user friendly for a low-tech person like myself to figure out and navigate for editing, blogging and a new shop!

For those who have been following me for a while know that i used to crank out ornaments around the holiday like crazy, i would take tons of custom orders and slave away behind the bulbs. I absolutely love Christmas and especially ornaments. Growing up the ornaments that adorned my family tree were reflections of our family some of them were like little windows to the past to gaze at. A lot of the ornaments had stories behind them. My grandmother started a tradition where she would gift us an ornament each year, i still have all of them and it’s nice to see them all now on my own Christmas tree. My husbands and I have continued that ornament gifting tradition and i love it.

So, painting them for others to gift to their loved ones i thoroughly enjoyed, up until a few years ago. To tell the truth it took one customer to push me over the edge, i stopped doing what i enjoyed doing for so many years because the pushiness of one person. I’m usually really great at handling things like that or not letting those things get to me (let it go like water off a duck’s back) but it sure bothered me. After that i stopped taking orders for ornaments, and switched gears to focus more on custom artwork (panels) for people instead of the ornaments which worked out great!

This year a member of a family close to my heart reached out to me to do 2 sets of ornaments for them, no way was i going to say no. As i was painting up these ornaments for a special family it rekindled my ornament painting loving spirit it was game on after that. Decided i was just going to paint 100 ornaments, so that i did and loved doing every single one of them. They all found homes to create memories in, looking forward in doing something like this again next year.

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Welcome !!

Hello everyone !

Thank you for stopping by my website, I’m not much of a blogger or writer for that matter so these may get a little on the rambling bad grammar side.

But i would like to do some blogs on small tutorials , event coverage, where i find inspiration, resourses for supplies, and so forth.

Later this week ill be heading out to Arties party which is a pinstripers panel jam up in Syracuse NY.

Stay tuned

HotRod Jen

Artie’s Party 2018

Artie’s Party 2018

Artie’s Party is held in Syracuse NY at the Syracuse Nationals car show its one of the largest car shows on the east coast. So what is Artie’s Party? it is a large panel jam where pinstripers, airbrushers, sign painters all get together from Friday to Sunday and create artwork to be auctioned off during the whole weekend usually around 60-70 artists attend every year. The artists travel from all around the world on their own dime to help raise money for the central NY Ronald McDonald House charity . Happy to say we reached almost $67,000 in one weekend! A great feat for pinstriping art.

This year marks my 5th year coming out , before 2013 i didnt really know much about panel jams stayed in my own bubble for so long and feel that events like these are the perfect place absorb knowledge and get inspired by some of the best artists in the industry. Before the show Art Shilling gave me a ring on the telephone asking if id like to help letter up a drag car during the event with Dino Lawrence and Rick Hansen, of course i said yes!

Rick Hansen getting the pattern on the car , design hand drawn by him

Rick Airbrushing in the red

Painting away

Dino and i

Finished !

Bowling pin i painted up at the show

gave this guitar a ghost pinstripe job

small part of my paint family , left to right Mr J, Peter Gunn, Igor,Frank Casta and Al Battista

panel i painted up saturday morning at the show

went a little nuts with the cross overs on a panel my friend Anthony started