Pinstriping Practice Design #4

Hey another week, another design.

This design can be done with more or less lines, i call this style the cascade. Once you are comfortable with your brush this design can be really quick to pull off, has a art deco feel to it.

I will have a youtube video of it being painted, also it will be on my FB page

But if you are here to grab the PDF photos to print out to help you practice drop me a comment to let me know if the downloads are something i should continue to offer.

Pinstriping Practice Design #3

Here is #3 for the Practice designs i’ve been sharing on Facebook and youtube

these can be done on any surface you are brave enough to paint on, i am using paper for these but that might drive you a little crazy if you are a beginner, if you are a beginner i do suggest glass, dura-lar or a piece of metal. This will work at anything with the height of 14″ high.

here is my youtube channel where a video will be up on this one

Below are the downloadable PDF photo files.

Practice Design-#2

Hey all so here is design #2 in the practice series, the sequence got a little messed up but i hope you can figure it out, the 2nd photo is the finish, and the 3rd is the start of it all.

after i did the first design practice i decided to make them all be less than 14″ high and less than 11″ wide so they are big enough for a standard 11×14″ frame if you pick one up at a art store and pop the glass out of, also doing designs smaller than this will compress the strokes which small c and s curves can be tricky the tighter they are.

I do most of all my designs with a single guideline down the center but feel free to add more guides if you need or want, if you do that i recommend also doing that to the design reference photo (like the last one)

here is the downloadable PDF file

I used white paper but i do not recommend that if you are a beginner/novice. you can use Glass, clear plastic like dura-lar, metal. i used a king 13 size 000 and 1shot for this with 1shots reducer, up on my youtube will be a video of me doing this in real time but i did cut out me paletting between each stroke which eats up time. the recording stopped halfway thru and i didnt notice but i did continue to get photos of each step.

Practice Design #1

Hey all!

So i decided to start the Practice designs up again, this helps me out as much as it may help others more time spent behind a brush makes the world go round right? at least for me it does.

Ok so you may be wonder what is this all about? If you are into pinstriping beginner, novice etc. Ever feel stuck on designs, these may help that. By looking at others designs, and seeing how they are built it may inspire us to try a new move out or may kick that art block to the curb. I encourage you to use this design for practice, you can print out the last page, blow it up shrink it down, put it behind glass, or transfer it on metal, paint it upside down, side ways etc etc and paint it step by step. It is way hard to copy someone elses design so don’t worry about making it perfect the first go around, this is all in 1 color, maybe you can be inspired to add the next, all being your own moves!

i will try to load these up weekly.

Holiday ornaments 2021

pinstriped christmas ornaments- hotrod jen

Hey all,

I recently had my website overhauled to make it more user friendly for a low-tech person like myself to figure out and navigate for editing, blogging and a new shop!

For those who have been following me for a while know that i used to crank out ornaments around the holiday like crazy, i would take tons of custom orders and slave away behind the bulbs. I absolutely love Christmas and especially ornaments. Growing up the ornaments that adorned my family tree were reflections of our family some of them were like little windows to the past to gaze at. A lot of the ornaments had stories behind them. My grandmother started a tradition where she would gift us an ornament each year, i still have all of them and it’s nice to see them all now on my own Christmas tree. My husbands and I have continued that ornament gifting tradition and i love it.

So, painting them for others to gift to their loved ones i thoroughly enjoyed, up until a few years ago. To tell the truth it took one customer to push me over the edge, i stopped doing what i enjoyed doing for so many years because the pushiness of one person. I’m usually really great at handling things like that or not letting those things get to me (let it go like water off a duck’s back) but it sure bothered me. After that i stopped taking orders for ornaments, and switched gears to focus more on custom artwork (panels) for people instead of the ornaments which worked out great!

This year a member of a family close to my heart reached out to me to do 2 sets of ornaments for them, no way was i going to say no. As i was painting up these ornaments for a special family it rekindled my ornament painting loving spirit it was game on after that. Decided i was just going to paint 100 ornaments, so that i did and loved doing every single one of them. They all found homes to create memories in, looking forward in doing something like this again next year.

  • HotRod Jen

Delft Blue

Sourcing Inspiration

Where to find inspiration these days? ANYWHERE! Seriously it really is hard not to find inspiration, what i feel gets in the way of inspiration is motivation and when you get motivation in your corner the sky is the limit. So i try to push myself often to get outta my comfort zone and also learn about the subject that is being used as my source of inspiration because learning is after all fun!

This time around i thought about that pretty blue and white pottery that seemed to be pretty common for years but what was it called , simple google searched answered that turned out “blue and white pottery” turned out to be Delftware, or Delft Blue its got a few names but those are the common ones. Delft is a city in the Netherlands hence the name and where it was heavily produced. So I searched a lot of Delftware photos new and old these style of flowers also can be seen in the art of the Pennsylvania Dutch , the style of color blending on the flowers can be sourced in tole painting . Tole painting is another form of folk art painting i watched some videos on YouTube where most of the artists use arcylic paint but the idea of split blending on the brush can be used for enamel paint.

When you mash together Pinstriping, Delft blue inspired flowers and tole painting blends this is what you get

For this piece i used 23k gold leaf spun with velvet, and only 2 colors made by Alphanamel a new paint company very exciting stuff, King 13 pinstriping brush, Mack virus and for the split blends i used two Mack 189 quills size 4 and size 6. This piece was not only a great way to stretch my mind but it made me get used to doing more split blending which comes in handy doing lettering shading effects .