Artie’s Party 2018

Artie’s Party 2018

Artie’s Party is held in Syracuse NY at the Syracuse Nationals car show its one of the largest car shows on the east coast. So what is Artie’s Party? it is a large panel jam where pinstripers, airbrushers, sign painters all get together from Friday to Sunday and create artwork to be auctioned off during the whole weekend usually around 60-70 artists attend every year. The artists travel from all around the world on their own dime to help raise money for the central NY Ronald McDonald House charity . Happy to say we reached almost $67,000 in one weekend! A great feat for pinstriping art.

This year marks my 5th year coming out , before 2013 i didnt really know much about panel jams stayed in my own bubble for so long and feel that events like these are the perfect place absorb knowledge and get inspired by some of the best artists in the industry. Before the show Art Shilling gave me a ring on the telephone asking if id like to help letter up a drag car during the event with Dino Lawrence and Rick Hansen, of course i said yes!

Rick Hansen getting the pattern on the car , design hand drawn by him

Rick Airbrushing in the red

Painting away

Dino and i

Finished !

Bowling pin i painted up at the show

gave this guitar a ghost pinstripe job

small part of my paint family , left to right Mr J, Peter Gunn, Igor,Frank Casta and Al Battista

panel i painted up saturday morning at the show

went a little nuts with the cross overs on a panel my friend Anthony started


Hot Rod Jen

Hot Rod Jen

Jennifer Thomas is an artist, pinstriper, sign painter, and photographer whose work has been widely celebrated worldwide in the automotive and fine arts communities.

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